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Common Accessibility Coding Mistakes

taught by: Becky Gibson

Session Summary

Programming for accessibility is more than just sprinkling in ARIA attributes and adding alt text. This session will highlight commonly seen coding errors and explain best practices. Learn how adding ARIA and other attributes can affect the screen reader navigation and announcement.


Find Common Accessibility Coding Mistakes on the Knowbility Learning Center

Developers are often under pressure to meet deadlines and complete projects. Adding accessibility into the mix can seem daunting. If you rely on cut and paste from others you may be perpetuating some common accessibility mistakes. This session will review common errors that I see when performing audits and reviewing code with developers. We will dive deeper than just alt text and using semantic elements. Examples include incorrect labels, misuse of ARIA attributes, poor link structure, overuse of tabindex, and more. Come take a deeper dive into developing for accessibility.

Practical Skills

  • Review Screen reader modes and navigation
  • Review the various techniques for properly labeling controls
  • Understand how and when to use various ARIA attributes