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Session Summary

A recent web survey identifies that over 92% of websites have a11y failures. The need for A11y web design professionals is evident.


Find Career Security with A11y on the Knowbility Learning Center

Some people are perfectly content with being a do-it-all person, however, this solitary approach also limits you from reaching the fullest profit potential and longevity of your business. With everyone working under the same 24/7 time limitations, it’s difficult to take time for further learning and necessary free time, including vacations.

A profitable solution is to work with a strong team.

What stops many Solopreneurs, Freelancers and small business owners is:

• Learning to trust and delegate.

• Learning to recruit and profitably manage a team.

• Learning how it can be done without a large financial investment.

This workshop will include:

• The idea of teamwork.

• Thinking big picture.

• Identifying the characteristics of the right people.

• Onboard and Train.

• Everyone getting paid.

• Contracts and Agreements.

• Growth and profitability.

Practical Skills

  • Effective Teamwork.
  • Finding and Vetting a productive team.
  • Measuring profitability.