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Session Summary

Past versions of this talk discussed tips and strategies for various roles on how to start slowly adding more Windows high contrast support. With the relative stability of the forced-colors media query, now it's time to turn words into action and start supporting high contrast mode today!


Find Auditing Design Systems for WHCM on the Knowbility Learning Center

This 3-hour training and practicum will review how to test for and remediate accessibility issues in Windows high contrast mode (WHCM), as well as how to set up clean styles if you have the opportunity to build in support from scratch. Participants will practice their knowledge and skills by auditing a design system with built-in issues and coding fixes for WHCM fixes. Then, participants will choose a new component to build in CSS from scratch to extend these principles.

Instructor will present virtually.

Practical Skills

  • Discover best practices for design systems to support WHCM both proactively and reactively
  • Learn how to audit design system components for WHCM
  • Explore how to set up design systems for WHCM and create CSS for a component from scratch