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AI, Hiring and Accessibility

taught by: Becky Gibson
co-presented by: Angela Barker

Session Summary

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and accessibility isn’t just about overlays! Understand how the use of AI interacts with accessibility for both positive and negative outcomes. Review some of the US regulations surrounding the use of AI and biometrics in hiring and review processes.


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Discussing Artificial Intelligence and accessibility generally conjures up the debate about accessibility overlays. There is more to AI than just overlays. Come learn what an accessibility overlay is and the controversy surrounding them. Go further to discover how AI can influence hiring and employee evaluations. Review and discuss how various AI innovations can enhance or hinder accessibility. The answer isn’t always simple! Share ideas for how to avoid AI accessibility biases.

Practical Skills

  • Awareness of US laws relating to use of AI in hiring
  • Understand how use of biometric data can negatively influence people with disabilities
  • Discuss various AI innovations and how they can impact accessibility, whether they benefit people with disabilities or cause more confusion.