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Agile Is Ableist: Here's How to Fix It

taught by: Victoria Clark

Session Summary

Agile as an avenue to built-in accessibility has been discussed frequently, but what about when Agile becomes the very problem it's meant to solve? This session will discuss how Agile fails to live up to its name and how it affects disabled and neurodivergent workers and end users.


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Have you experienced broken promises of better accessibility with Agile? Or are you just now looking into Agile and wondering how it can help your team achieve inclusive design and accessible code? This session will unpack the good, the bad, and the ugly of Agile, how it has been implemented, and what that can mean for the accessibility of your product and the process itself.

Instructor will present virtually.

Practical Skills

  • Understand the interplay between Agile vs. bureaucratic processes and how they impact accessibility
  • Learn about some challenges to implementing Agile effectively and how that affects accessibility
  • Explore some modifications and other solutions that can make Agile more supportive of accessibility initiatives and accommodating to workers