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Accessibility Testing and Reporting

taught by: Michael Moore
co-presented by: Anita Pradeep

Session Summary

The HHS Accessibility Testing Framework is a comprehensive, detailed testing and reporting process that is simple to follow and yields actionable, prioritized results.


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Texas HHS uses a comprehensive testing and reporting process that combines manual inspection, automated testing, and testing with assistive technology to provide developers a prioritized action plan that is easy to understand and follow.

In this class you will learn to create, review and maintain a framework, how to select a testing toolset and how to train your testers. We will use the HHS framework, tools and methodologies as an example.

Practical Skills

  • Selecting a testing toolset and creating a repeatable testing and reporting framework
  • Using the framework to accurately assess accessibility conformance and provide developers with an actionable plan for improvement.
  • Training your staff to use the framework and perform the testing.