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Accessibility for Beginner Web Developers

taught by: Meenakshi Das
co-presented by: Jennifer Holyer

Session Summary

If you’ve just begun your career as a web developer or are simply taking a web development class in school, chances are you have questions on how you can do your part to make your app accessible to people with disabilities. This session will go over the basics of accessible web development with real examples, and provide a clear understanding of steps to ensure accessibility for the one billion disabled people on this planet.


Find Accessibility for Beginner Web Developers on the Knowbility Learning Center

Attendees will learn about the importance of shifting accessibility testing early in the development process, and topics such as integrating accessibility code linters and automated accessibility tools in your code, using browser’s accessibility tree for finding and fixing bugs, and performing basic manual accessibility testing, all packed with examples. The presenter will also share some major do’s and don’ts when it comes to accessibility. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how to ensure maximum accessibility of their application.

Practical Skills

  • Learn how and why to embed accessibility principles in your development starting from the code editor to testing in the browser.
  • Know how to use tools such as automated accessibility extensions and browser’s accessibility tree to find and fix accessibility issues.
  • Understand the importance of keyboard navigation and screen-reader testing, their similarities and differences, and what to look out for while testing them.