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Live: Working On a Song: Exploring the Possibilities of Digital Accessibility for Learning Music

taught by: Daniel Bernardo

Session Summary

From modifying existing practices to incorporating more advanced/emerging technology, explore accessibility options for online Music Courses currently being explored at the University of North Texas. Presented by Daniel Bernardo, a UNT College of Music Graduate and Digital Accessibility Specialist with UNT’s Division of Digital Strategy and Innovation.


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As more and more university courses are adapted for online learners, new Accessibility challenges emerge that are unique to each field of study, such as the study of music. Join Daniel Bernardo, a Digital Accessibility Specialist at the University of North Texas as well as a graduate of UNT’s College of Music, to cover his research into Digital Accessibility for UNT’s music courses. From music theory strategies, recontextualizing existing subject matter, and emerging technology, this presentation will cover both utilizing readily available music pedagogical resources as well as digital Accessibility technology specifically geared at making music Accessible. These strategies are all currently being deployed at UNT for both online and in person music courses, with results and observations from students who rely on these options to continue their music education.

Class Materials

Practical Skills

  • Explore Accessibility technology and strategies for online music courses.
  • Engage the theoretical/pedagogical background to music learning and how pre-existing elements may provide readily available assets to Digital Accessibility.
  • Gain the necessary foundation to implement similar technology and strategies for similar courses at the participants’ institution/organization.