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Live: The Web Is Inherently Accessible

taught by: Rachele DiTullio

Session Summary

Talk aimed at front-end developers or anyone using the basics of HTML to create content for the web. I explain how the web is accessible by default and that it's design choices that make the web inaccessible.


The web is accessible by default; it is our design decisions that stop it being accessible. We need to develop accessible pages from the bottom up, starting with semantic HTML. Many designers and developers have a poor grasp of what native elements to use and what functionality they provide. Every semantic mistake introduces accessibility issues into your code. In this session, you will learn:

  • When to use a link or a button
  • Why to use headings
  • How to create form fields
  • When to use tables
  • How to create accessible images, font icons and emojis

Practical Skills

  • Semantic HTML makes your content better.
  • Accessibility is baked into HTML when used correctly.
  • Learning to use a screen reader will help you make accessible content.