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Q&A: The Power of Templates

taught by: Crystal Gonzales
co-presented by: Nancy Abee

Session Summary

This class introduces the power of Word templates through a case study of how they are currently deployed at Texas Health and Human Services. The templates integrate accessibility and branding, providing efficiency for authors and improving the accessibility of documents across the agency.


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This class explains what Word Templates are and all of the components available to make documents accessible with a streamlined look. We will establish how templates help your team work efficiently, while making MS Word and PDF accessibility as easy as point and click through the experience of Texas Health and Human Services.

You will learn how HHS has deployed and supported templates as part of an agency-wide accessibility improvement strategy. We will discuss the tools, training, and processes that we have developed to facilitate the adoption of the templates across the agency. As well as, challenges that we have encountered and where we are headed.

Practical Skills

  • What templates are.
  • Benefits of using templates.
  • Strategy for deployment.