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Q&A: The Internet is Unusable: The Disabled View

taught by: Nicolas Steenhout

Session Summary

Exploring lesser known areas of web accessibility through testimonials from disabled web users.


Watch this presentation in the Knowbility Learning Center

Web accessibility aims at making the web more usable for disabled folks. We tend to think about accessibility from the perspective of only a few groups. Blind screen reader users or deaf users, to name a couple. But there are many different groups, relying on different assistive technologies, who benefit from accessibility.
I will feature important aspects of accessibility that aren't as well known as others. And I will use findings from usability testing as well as quotes from disabled users about the barriers they experience on the web. Because disabled folks are the best people to explain what makes using the web difficult or painful for them.

Practical Skills

  • Understanding accessibility beyond the needs typically discussed
  • Understanding accessibility needs vary from one person to the next, even with the same condition
  • Learning of unexpected ways people use technology