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Q&A: The Human Sense and the Legal Risk - What Your Company Needs to Know About Digital Accessibility and Why It Shouldn't Be Thought of as "Optional"

taught by: Michele Landis

Session Summary

Creating accessible digital products should be a given. USING and providing accessible technology within your organization should also be the standard. This is simple “Human Sense” claims A360 Co-Founder, Michele Landis. In many situations, it is also the law. Join this session for a frank conversation on why this is so important, especially now. DEI, Equitable Access, Civil Rights - it all comes together in this business topic. Walk away with a deeper understanding and a plan to accomplish this critical requirement.


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We’re past the days of hiding and ignoring people with disabilities in the workplace and the time has come to honor your EEOC pledge, your DEI initiatives, and the ESG requirements and learn how to get a corporate accessibility policy in place. Michele Landis will walk you through the current digital standards, how to ensure you’re getting this compliance area right, and help you bring back a workable plan to ensure equitable access is being provided within your websites, mobile apps as well as corporate communications, and internal enterprise systems as well. Topics include:

  • Human Resources
  • Vendor contracts
  • Auditing your website, apps, and digital products
  • VPATs and drafting RFPs
  • Demand letters
  • Lawsuits

Practical Skills

  • Understand the current standards for your organization.
  • Learn how to cover this topic from “soup to nuts” - too many aspects are missed.
  • Risk Mitigation tactics while working with your team and vendors to reach Equitable Access Goals across all digital products and communications.