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Live: Some CSS Techniques and Tips for Better A11y

taught by: Bouton Jones

Session Summary

Using both HTML and CSS in dedicated files allows for the separation of content and presentation which contributes to greater Accessibilitty. This sessions is for web designers and front-end or full-stack web developers to apply HTML and CSS for better Accessibility.


Watch this presentation in the Knowbility Learning Center

This presentation will be an overview of HMTL and CSS. It will not require any previous CSS experience.

  • Which version of HTML is best for our purposes and why
  • The benefits of using HTML for semantic markup and CSS for styles/aesthetics/presentation
  • Using style sheets to improve A11y as well as Responsive Design, Universal Design, and Search Engine Optimization
  • Some CSS best practices
  • Choosing the optional font setting for responsive websites
  • Choosing default font and fallback fonts for a variety of operating systems
  • Reduce the size of your web pages by using less HTML
  • Simplify the development and application of your website's A11y color scheme
  • Prevent the mysterious announcements of "blank" in screen readers
  • Provide optional style sheets for users with dyslexia

Practical Skills

  • Understanding of how using CSS along with HMTL can make immediate improvements to a site's Accessibility with little effort
  • Providing individual web page experiences for a variety of users and situations (e.g., different font faces, differen font sizes, different color schemes.
  • Preventing the mysterious announcements of the word "blank" by screen readers.