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Q&A: Screen Reader Testing - Errors, Warnings, and False Positives

taught by: Priti Rohra

Session Summary

In web accessibility, screen readers are largely used for testing websites and web applications. Tests are performed and results are derived. The key is to interpret the test results accurately.


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In this session, I will be talking about how to test different web page elements with a screen reader. Short demonstrations will be included on how a screen reader user accesses different web page elements, including headings, links, lists, images, forms, tables, scripted controls, modals, tabs, carousels, and so on.

Experiences will be shared with attendees on expected behavior and screen reader nuances. Also comparison of how different screen readers render content will be shared with the attendees.

Often screen reader testing is performed by sighted Accessibility auditors and the outcome is interpreted incorrectly. This results in developers making non-interactive content focusable or defining accessible names for divs and paragraphs that are used for displaying text on a web page.

The session aims to educate accessibility auditors in interpreting screen reader test results. This will help in implementing web accessibility that enhances the experience for screen reader users!

(ICT 2022 Presenter)

Practical Skills

  • Perform accessibility testing using a screen reader.
  • Interpret the screen reader test results.
  • Implement web accessibility that helps to enhance user experiences.