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Roundtable: What You Always Wanted to Know About the Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR)

taught by: Sumner Davenport
co-presented by: Paul Chiou

Session Summary

The internal workings of the Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR ) from the perspective of participants.


Watch this presentation in the Knowbility Learning Center

There is so much to wonder about participating in an AIR competition. In this panel discussion, team members from AIR 2021 are offering to demystify AIR through their personal experiences. The panelists will disclose some of the insider secrets to working together and having fun while learning and supporting a deserving non-profit organization.

Practical Skills

  • Participants will understand the key benefits and the reasons for participating in the AIR competition.
  • "Herding cats." Participants will blend different skills and expertise with the team in order to apply the most effective collaborative practices. Participants will learn about time management skills as well as how to practically fit AIR time into their regular daily school.
  • Participants will be motivated to embrace the idea of learning while having fun at the same time. Participants will understand the takeaways of AIR and how this valuable experience can fit into their accessibility journey.