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Roundtable: Accessibility NextGen: The Future of Accessibility

taught by: Albert Kim

Session Summary

One of the biggest gaps and challenges we face in digital accessibility is growing the future generation of accessibility professionals. Albert Kim, the founder of Accessibility NextGen, invites the current and next generation of accessibility leaders to talk about the future of our mission and how to bridge the generation gap to sustainably lead our pursuit of accessibility.


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Accessibility NextGen is a community that is dedicated to address the generation gap in accessibility by providing the support that people in the early stage of accessibility journey need. Accessibility NextGen launched a mentorship program in 2021 and paired 239 mentees to 124 mentors globally. This roundtable brings in panelists of NextGen members to talk about the issues that they go through in pursuing accessibility mission and how we could possibly address them by bridging the generational knowledge gap.

Practical Skills

  • Knowledge of common issues that next generation of accessibility leaders face in pursuing their mission.
  • Stories of current accessibility leaders and how we could all effectively pass forward our mission by systematically supporting and growing the next generation of accessibility leaders.
  • Empathy and call for action to bridge the generation gap and how we could all help this mission.