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Live: Presenting with Accessibility in Mind

taught by: Becky Gibson

Session Summary

When you speak publicaly do your presentation and slides reach your entire audience? Your audience is diverse, make sure everyone can benefit from the information you share. Come learn how to apply accessibility principles to your live presentations.


Watch this presentation in the Knowbility Learning Center

Consider when you are at a presentation and can’t see the stage and the slides. Perhaps your eyeglasses broke that morning. Or, your seat is behind a column. How do you feel when the presenter refers to a chart and says, “as you can see, the sales trend for widgets increased over this time period.” You will have no idea of the impact of that increase. Was it a huge gain? What was the time frame – 1 month, 1 year, 10 years? Those details matter. This is what someone who is blind or has low vision may encounter on a regular basis. Other complications could be that the volume is too low, or your hearing aid is broken. You will miss the intent and impact of the video that was shown. People with disabilities regularly encounter these problems when attending presentations. Come learn to present your materials in different modalities so the entire audience is included and hears your message. You’ll never give or view a presentation the same again.

Practical Skills

  • Learn the consequences of poor presentation style through examples
  • Understand why captioning and audio description matters
  • See how color, fonts, and style choices influence understanding and readability