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Q&A: Out of the Browser Accessibility

taught by: Helen Burge

Session Summary

The common pitfalls for auditors used to web accessibility testing. We will walk through the hurdles and techniques used to correctly audit an application, whether it is a browser or standalone application.


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After doing audits with other accessibility consultants on web embedded applications and standalone programs, I have noticed several bugs being logged that are not valid, and/or get missed. Some auditors dismiss WCAG checkpoints that are valid to test and others fail some incorrectly.

In the session, we will go through the main accessibility methodologies of auditing applications, the tests that are the same for web pages and applications, and then the items that need a different approach. The session will include a mini-workshop for the audience to give thoughts on.

Practical Skills

  • Audit applications.
  • Accessibility testing techniques for applications.
  • Build accessible applications.