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Q&A: Meeting Conflicting Accessibility Needs

taught by: Julie Grundy
co-presented by: Andrew Arch

Session Summary

While WCAG is the basis for providing accessibility in digital products for people with disability, we find that the ways of meeting WCAG can create inaccessibility for some users. This session will discuss some of these situations we have found in the real world and potential ways for addressing them.


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During usability testing for a major national project, we discovered that a fix we had applied to support screen reader users had created a new problem for text-to-speech users. This led us to explore how digital products which comply with WCAG can still present problems to user groups who have different but equally necessary needs.

In this session, you will learn some of the common areas of conflicting access needs so you can plan and test for them. You'll also learn techniques for providing digital content which is flexible enough to support multiple access needs at the same time. Finally, we identify the areas where further research could help us support people more flexibly in the future.

Practical Skills

  • Common areas of conflicting access needs to plan and test for.
  • Potential fixes for conflicting access needs.
  • Areas of future research for improving support when there are conflicting access needs.