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Q&A: Making Videos and Remote Sessions Accessible

taught by: Shawn Lawton Henry

Session Summary

Learn how to make your audio and video media accessible. Help others make their remote and hybrid meetings, presentations, and training more accessible.


This is not a full presentation. This is a Q&A for the pre-recorded session available to AccessU attendees in our Learning Center. Watch the pre-recorded presentation Making Videos and Remote Sessions Accessible prior to this Live Q&A session.

With so many conferences, meetings, education, and even recreation online these days, many people are suddenly tasked with making a video presentation. This session helps make those accessible.

We’ll cover how you can make your sessions more accessible to people with disabilities, and smoother for everyone – all for less time and money than you may think. For example, you’ll learn about integrated description and optimizing audio.

While the main focus will be on small-scale, amateur projects, we’ll also point to guidance for professionals, including conference organizers, videographers, and HTML developers.

Practical Skills

  • What to do before you even start recording.
  • What is required and what will improve the user experience even more.
  • How to plan your projects to maximize ROI (return on investment).