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Live: Making an Accessible Video From Planning to Publishing

taught by: Sumner Davenport

Session Summary

Making an accessible video begins before you start to record. Making an Accessible video is more than adding the necessary synchronized captions. What else can you do to make your videos more accessible?


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Ensuring your video is accessible requires planning from day one.

A short list of things to plan and decide include:

  • Pre-production
  • User experience
  • Captions - open vs closed
  • Subtitles, languages, audio descriptions, descriptive transcripts and more
  • Media players
  • Final production
  • Publishing platforms

This session will be interactive so attendees can experiment with various tools and tips introduced in the presentation.

Course Materials

Practical Skills

  • Accessible video design
  • About SRT, TXT SBV, and VTT files
  • Accessible Video Players