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Live: Inclusive Strategies for the Product Development Life Cycle

taught by: Christina Adams
co-presented by: Zach Coulter

Session Summary

Embedding inclusive strategy into every step of the product development life cycle ensures that accessibility is built into business processes, success metrics, and core product requirements.


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This session takes a close look at how inclusive strategy can enhance existing business processes and where individual teams can take ownership of accessibility outcomes. There are opportunities for accessibility considerations and inclusive processes in all aspects of the product development life cycle. By incorporating an inclusive mindset into project planning and implementation, leaders can create accessible high-quality digital products. Every business’s process is slightly different whether it is Agile, Waterfall, LEAN, Kanban, or some combination of the many options out there.

However, the goal of this presentation is to pinpoint decisions and artifacts within any product development process that can be utilized to bring greater awareness of accessibility requirements earlier in the process and how leadership can champion these inclusive strategies as a key market differentiator. Building inclusive strategy into business processes makes accessibility a core feature of the digital product and reduces the amount of work required to retrofit an existing experience.

During this session, we will discuss how each team within the process has the ability to incorporate inclusive strategies to enhance their work and make a measurable difference in the accessibility of the product. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of how inclusive strategy can be implemented through multiple teams to build a unified approach to accessibility.

Course Materials

Practical Skills

  • Incorporating inclusive strategy into each step of the product development lifecycle.
  • Where specific inclusive practices and requirements can be integrated by distinct teams.
  • Measuring success and allowing for flexibility of inclusive strategies within product development.