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Live: Driving a Human-Centered Accessibility Transformation

taught by: Lisette Arocha
co-presented by: Arpitha Shetty

Session Summary

Most product teams typically get handed a report of accessibility assessment findings which can be overwhelming and leave teams unsure of where and how to start. In this session, Arpitha and Lisette will show you how you can start to drive an accessibility transformation in your organization or for your product teams using a human-centered design approach.


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Embedding a culture of accessibility requires more than defining the requirements for your organization and building out an accessibility team to perform assessments. A cultural shift in the organization is needed in order to go from requirements to adoption.

Our process included taking a human centered approach in how we enacted change and developed our program and strategy. Human Centered design thinking turns pain points into opportunities for organizations to understand how their teams work best and to solve the right problem. That allows you to build trust throughout the experience and begin to establish an accessibility program that goes beyond requirements and drives a change in culture.

How might we use the principles of human centered design approach to help product teams make accessibility part of their culture? In this session, we will share how we have worked with product teams at PwC to meet them where they are at and take small, iterative steps towards adopting a culture of accessibility and inclusion. We will walk you through the concrete steps in developing your accessibility program using this approach. From developing and socializing the accessibility requirements, to creating the sense of urgency around the need for digital accessibility, understanding product team and product maturity to building and anchoring on the change created.

Course Materials

Practical Skills

  • Understand how taking a human centered approach in building an accessibility program can help identify creative solutions for enacting change in your organization.
  • Understand how we implemented a change management plan through our Accessibility and Inclusive Design program and describe how they can apply the model to their organization.