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Live: Don't Remediate Your PDFs!

taught by: Bouton Jones

Session Summary

We'll examine how to ensure your Microsoft Office (MSO) documents are fully accessible and the best ways to turn your MSO docs into accessible PDFS.


Watch this presentation in the Knowbility Learning Center

The session will both demonstrate the experience of using AT on accessible and inaccessible documents and explain why and how some documents are accessible and others are not. It will cover:

  • When not to use PDFs
  • The rise of PDF-related lawsuits in Florida in 2019
  • The comparison of exporting Office documents with remediating PDFs
  • How and why some PDFs are "Blank" and some are "untagged"
  • Applying semantic markup in office document
  • An explanation of artifacts
  • The three output options for Adobe Acrobat OCR
  • Special considerations for fillable forms
  • What to do when the original source documents are missing
  • The value of electronic signatures (including digital signatures)
  • The best and worst ways to redact PDFs
  • Quality assurance testing for Word and PDF
  • The role of bookmarks in PDFs and whether you must create them using headers

Practical Skills

  • Know the most effective and reliable method of producing accessible PDFs
  • Discover the hidden pitfalls of creating fillable forms
  • Learn the faster and more effective alternative to painstakingly remediating PDFs for Accessibility