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Q&A: Disabling Buttons Inclusively

taught by: Zoë Haughton

Session Summary

Disabled buttons are common in the wild. There are various ways interactive controls can be disabled and for different reasons, but are we disabling them in a way that is accessible as well as inclusive?


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Imagine the common scenario whereby you want to disable a submit button until the user has filled in all required fields in a form. How do you ensure that a disabled control is not only accessible but fully inclusive and a pleasant experience for all users? This presentation discusses and demonstrates the following three possible methods and the impacts on users with disability of each:

  • HTML disabled attribute.
  • ARIA-disabled attribute.
  • Not using disabled buttons.

Practical Skills

  • Understand and see examples of three potential options for disabling buttons.
  • Learn what potential impact each method has on users with disabilities by means of demonstrations.
  • See a comparison of each method of disabling buttons in terms of user impact and which method is the most potentially inclusive overall.