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Live: Decentralizing Accessibility: Why your Whole Team Should Own Accessibility and How to Do It

taught by: Samuel Proulx

Session Summary

In this presentation, you will learn the importance of socializing and distributing accessibility throughout all of the teams in your organization. The model of a single accessibility subject matter expert, or a small team that handles accessibility, often isn’t enough or sustainable. This presentation will cover better ways to think about the accessibility process, how to think about roles and responsibilities, and what various teams will need to make sure accessibility and inclusion are values and processes spread throughout the entire framework of your organization.


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This talk from Samuel Proulx will help organizations change the way they think about accessibility and how it is implemented. Instead of a project, repeated occasionally, accessibility is a process with on-going objectives and outcomes. As a process, responsibilities for ensuring accessible outcomes must be distributed throughout an organization. Otherwise, single subject matter experts will serve as a constant bottleneck, teams won’t receive the training they need to take on responsibility for accessibility, and a culture of inclusion and accessibility will fail to materialize. Ultimately, this means that people with disabilities will be left out of the products and services that your organization offers.

Practical Skills

  • How to socialize accessibility throughout an organization
  • How to think about the accessibility process, and assign roles and responsibilities throughout an organization
  • How to measure the success of the accessibility process