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Q&A: AI in The Accessibility Stack: Where Are We And Where Are We Going?

taught by: Matthew Hallonbacka

Session Summary

AI is having a big impact in some sectors, but some high-profile attempts to use AI to improve accessibility have been problematic. This session will explore some good and bad attempts to bring artificial intelligence into the accessibility stack, and where we might see it in the future.


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Some form of AI has been part of computer science for more than half a century, but the last decade has seen some rapid progress, and it becoming part of everyday life for a lot of people.

Yet, AI hasn't made it into the core of the accessibility stack (defined here as the combination of assistive technology, operating system, and the application or web page being accessed).

This session, building on a thesis written on the topic, will look at some of the successes of introducing AI into accessibility tooling, and some of the shortcomings that have been seen, and provide a proof-of-concept for some possible future roles of AI as part of assistive technology or accessibility tooling.

Practical Skills

  • Become familiar with current progress and applications of artificial intelligence.
  • Explore some recent applications of AI to improve accessibility - both successful and less so.
  • Consider ideas for possible future roles of AI in digital accessibility.