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Live: Accessibility Testing and Reporting Framework

taught by: Michael Moore
co-presented by: Anita Pradeep

Session Summary

The HHS Accessibility Testing Framework is a comprehensive, detailed testing process that is simple to follow and yields actionable, prioritized results.


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Texas HHS uses a comprehensive testing process that combines manual inspection, automated testing, and testing with assistive technology to provide developers with the detail that they need to understand what is needed and why. The framework includes the detail needed to perform tests consistently and get consistent results among multiple testers. It also includes guidelines for determining the potential impact of accessibility defects and a logical prioritization process.

(ICT 2022 Presenter)

Presenter Materials

Practical Skills

  • A deep understanding of accessibility requirements.
  • Understanding of testing methodologies and how to look at requirements from multiple angles.
  • How to clearly report results with actionable findings and recommendations.