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Q&A: Accessibility Roadmap for SAAS Products

taught by: Shilpi Kapoor

Session Summary

How can SAAS companies embed Accessibility in their processes to create inclusive technology?


This is not a full presentation. This is a Q&A for the pre-recorded session available to AccessU attendees in our Learning Center. Watch the pre-recorded presentation Accessibility Roadmap for SAAS Products prior to this Live Q&A session.

We will discuss why SAAS Products need to focus on accessibility. How SAAS Product companies can look at not only creating accessible products but can bring in the secret ingredients to build an inclusive culture.

We will also discuss how customers evaluate SAAS solutions and how Accessibility can be the differentiator while being a must-have.

Practical Skills

  • Building an inclusive culture.
  • Creating an accessibility roadmap.
  • Evaluating accessibility from a customer perspective.