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Live: Accessibility Insights: Web and Android Development with Accessibility in Mind

taught by: Jacqueline Gibson
co-presented by: John Wade

Session Summary

Accessibility Insights is a suite of free, open-source products that helps developers find and fix accessibility issues through a combination of automated, assisted, and manual testing. In this session, you will learn how to build accessibility checks into your development process, and how the many features of these tools can help you build more inclusive applications.


We are passionate about helping teams detect accessibility issues early in the development process, empowering them to create more accessible products for customers and save time in the process. We offer several options to help you develop accessibly, which feature both automated, assisted and manual testing experiences, and are optimized to meet you wherever you are in your accessibility learning journey.

Shifting left and considering accessibility early and often is the key to creating more inclusive and usable technology. To do so, we will introduce the following tools and their key features:

  • Accessibility insights for the web: our Chrome and Edge extension to test web apps and websites. There are two primary workflows:
    • The lightweight FastPass experience that helps users identify common, high-impact accessibility issues in approximately five minutes
    • The more detailed Assessment experience to verify your page's conformance with WCAG 2.1 level AA standards and success criteria conformance.
  • Accessibility Insights for Android: our desktop application to test Android apps via our FastPass workflow; the application runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers.
  • Options to integrate automated accessibility checks in your build and pipelines

Practical Skills

  • Awareness of free, open-source accessibility testing options from the Accessibility Insights product suite
  • Familiarity with best practices for accessibility testing throughout the development process
  • How to utilize Accessibility Insights tools to find and fix common web and Android accessibility issues