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Live: Accessibility Consulting is *Still* Broken

taught by: Karl Groves

Session Summary

The audit-fix-audit-fix cycle is an endless time and money suck that only ends when the money runs out. There's a better way to improve accessibility, but it requires committment that extends beyond just cash.


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At best, an accessibility audit provides an opportunity to fix existing issues in an IT system. However, it does not fix existing issues in an organization's handling of accessibility, in general. Without handling those issues, the organization will continue to be stuck in a money-and-time wasting cycle of relying on audits to track down and remediate issues that shouldn't occur in the first place. In this session I'll discus and propose strategies for tackling the key root causes of accessibility problems.

Practical Skills

  • Problems with existing approaches
  • How to recognize the causes of your accessibility issues
  • Establishing a long term program for success while also addressing current issues