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Live: A11Y & Data Visualization

taught by: Thomas Watkins

Session Summary

Accessibility and data visualization each have their own challenges. This workshop will explore techniques for tackling the goals of each of these areas simultaneously.


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Building a software product or service to meet the needs of its users is of utmost importance. Data visualization caries unique challenges that often involve special skillsets, because we are dealing with the complexities of helping people interpret data. Years of data visualization best practices are often overlooked. For abled-users, ignoring best practices has its pitfalls. This of course is further exasperated when accounting for users who have additional accessibility needs. In this workshop, we will review techniques and approaches that will help us make our data visualization projects accessible to all.

Course Materials

Practical Skills

  • What is data visualization done right
  • What are the top accessibility issues to watch out for when doing data visualization
  • What are some techniques and approaches for ensuring that a product or service with data visualization is accessible to as many people as possible