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  1. Meet Rob Carr, Lead Judge for the 2020 AIR competition

    by Pam Revsine

    Rob Carr, CPACC, ICT Accessibility Program Manager for Oklahoma ABLE Tech is a man who wears many hats. Primarily, he runs a program providing expertise on functional and technical accessibility, accessibility policy, and institutionalizing accessibility. His main focus, as an …

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  2. 6 Tips to Make Online Grant Applications More Accessible

    by Sharron Rush

    Nonprofit organizations understand they are competing for limited resources. When applying for grants, we aim to make our case succinctly and to be compelling in expressing our mission and goals. We work hard to complete applications with efficiency because we—and our …

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  3. Helping the Helpers Be More Inclusive: A 4 Part Series

    by Sharron Rush

    Introducing a series to help philanthropists understand how and why to communicate with accessibility in mind. A few weeks ago, I complained loudly about the philanthropic and NPO support organizations that fail to meet the access requirements that allow people with disabilities …

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  4. November Update

    by Nicholas Dunlap

    The holidays are here and we at Knowbility want to start by sending best wishes and deepest gratitude to our community. Despite the challenges of 2020, we have much to be grateful for. We are thankful each day to be a part of this community of people with disabilities and other …

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  5. What is EPUB?

    by Becky Gibson

    EPUB 3 is an open standard format for digital publishing that allows users to read their digital publications on any device and in any format they want. These users don’t need to “pinch and zoom” documents to read them on a mobile device, like they would do with PDFs. EPUB …

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