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  1. Voting Should Be Accessible to All

    by Dave Chapple

    Each year as November and election day comes near we hear the familiar sayings “Voting is your civic duty” and “Every vote counts”. But do you really know what those sayings mean? One meaning could be that there is power in numbers. The more  people that vote in an election, the …

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  2. Inclusive Design Interview with Eric Eggert

    by Nicholas Dunlap

    In our upcoming seminar titled “Inclusive Design: The Big Picture”, part of our 2020 series of seminars, Eric Eggert, Knowbility’s Tech Team Lead and Web Accessibility Expert, will be providing his expertise, demystifying inclusive design, and teaching attendees how to make …

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  3. A skip link on Squarespace and a little about z-index (Part two of two)

    by Derek Jackson

    Although the skip link I developed in part one worked, it was not a perfect solution. In this post I will discuss some potential drawbacks of my Squarespace skip link. Update Beginning in version 7, SquareSpace provides support for anchor links. This SquareSpace support article …

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  4. Calculating Change

    by Texas Instruments

    This year marks 30 years since a major milestone in our nation’s history — the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Texas Instruments (TI) is honored to join the education community in celebrating this landmark legislation that has impacted the lives of …

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  5. Joe Devon, GAAD co-founder, is the 2020 AIR Program Chair

    by Jessica Looney

    GAAD Co-Founder and Founding Partner of Diamond, Joe Devon has been appointed as the 2020 Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) Program Chair. AIR is an award-winning global web accessibility competition and virtual volunteer event: teams of designers and developers compete to …

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