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  1. Be a Digital Ally: Your Website's Toolbox – Content Management Systems and What You Need to Know About Them

    by Jessica McKay

    Jay McKay: We'll go ahead and get started then. Hello everyone and welcome to Be A Digital Ally again. It's our favorite time of the month. For us, it really is. We have a great time. Today is a really fun one. I'm super excited to talk about it. This topic is very personal to …

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  2. Tech Tips: The Myth of JavaScript Accessibility

    by Iain Furstenwerth

    Developing software is a precise process. Websites, mobile apps, you name it – you have to know the rules of the language, rules of the framework, all the minutiae. Naturally, when it comes to accessibility (a11y), engineers tend to apply what they already know – learn how to do …

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  3. Derek Featherstone AIR 2022 Welcome

    by Anthony Vasquez

    If you ask 100 different people what single thing poses the greatest barrier to people with disabilities, as it relates to technology you’ll likely find a wide variety of answers. You’ll hear about keyboard usage, and how that impacts a lot of people with different disabilities. …

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  4. Content Management Systems & What You Need to Know

    by Julie Romanowski

    (Note: This blog post was updated September 3 after receiving additional information about Joomla! accessibility.) Content Management Systems (CMS) play a big role in determining how accessible a website is. Ensuring you choose a CMS which champions accessibility is an important …

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  5. Be A Digital Ally: Intro to Documents and PDFs

    by Adam Scott Cord

    Jay McKay: Hello, everyone. We're going to get started in just a few moments while we wait for some of our friends to log in. So welcome to Be a Digital Ally. Julie Romanowski: Jay, should I go ahead and start sharing the... Jay McKay: Yeah. Let's go ahead get that set up and …

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