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  1. A Brief History of Screen Readers

    by Becky Gibson

    It is hard for a sighted user to imagine navigating the web without actually seeing a page or using a mouse. Blind screen reader users have no problem navigating a web page that is coded correctly and follows basic accessibility guidelines. A screen reader is an assistive technology used by...

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  2. Celia Hughes Reflects on 20 Years of AIR

    The 2020 Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) wrapped up last November 23. After six weeks of hard work, we, along with the 34 nonprofits that participated, await the decisions from our judges. This is the 22nd year of AIR. To celebrate our long-running competition, we asked Celia Hughes, Executive Director of...

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  3. Meet Rob Carr, Lead Judge for the 2020 AIR competition

    Rob Carr, CPACC, ICT Accessibility Program Manager for Oklahoma ABLE Tech is a man who wears many hats. Primarily, he runs a program providing expertise on functional and technical accessibility, accessibility policy, and institutionalizing accessibility. His main focus, as an Accessibility Coordinator, is to manage the Web Accessibility in Higher...

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  4. 6 Tips to Make Online Grant Applications More Accessible

    Nonprofit organizations understand they are competing for limited resources. When applying for grants, we aim to make our case succinctly and to be compelling in expressing our mission and goals. We work hard to complete applications with efficiency because we—and our funders—would rather we solve the problems we have identified...

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  5. Helping the Helpers Be More Inclusive: A 4 Part Series

    Introducing a series to help philanthropists understand how and why to communicate with accessibility in mind. A few weeks ago, I complained loudly about the philanthropic and NPO support organizations that fail to meet the access requirements that allow people with disabilities to participate equally. It later occurred to me...

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