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  1. Where to Find Knowbility at CSUN 2019

    The 34th CSUN Assistive Technology Conference will be held in Anaheim, California from March 11-15. Executive Director [Sharron Rush]({{ "/about/team/sharron-rush/" | relative_url }})), folks from our tech team, and Knowbility board members will be there in full force. Here’s a list of sessions we’ll be leading or co-presenting. Note that...

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  2. Where to Find Knowbility at SxSW 2019

    For Austinites, March is SxSW season. It’s an honor for Knowbility to again join this annual tradition. If you are attending SXSW Edu today, catch our session on K-12 accessibility ([details below](#moving-the-needle-on-k-12-accessibility)). We won't be at the expo this year, but we will be around from March 4-6. As soon...

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  3. Tips for Making Accessible Emails: Text Alternatives for Images

    Our series on accessible email continues. In my last post, I explored ways to create subject lines that are more user-friendly to people who are blind or low vision. In this post, I’ll describe ways to make images in email accessible. As a screen reader user for nearly 20 years...

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  4. Amplify Austin’s 2019 campaign still not accessible

    The 2019 Amplify Austin‘s campaign “[I live here, I give here](” is just around the corner. As I wrote last year, it‘s a fantastic campaign. A campaign that raises a lot of money for many nonprofits. It‘s also a campaign that excludes people with disabilities. ## Last year’s decision not...

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  5. Skip links are important

    "Skip links" are important. They allow keyboard-only users, sighted or not, to bypass large or repetitive blocks of content. You may have heard of them and wondered what the big deal is. Or your design team may have refused to implement one because they look "ugly". But they are important,...

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