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You Say It’s “Accessible” But Why Can’t I Use It?

taught by: Kimberly Cannon
co-presented by: Michael Moore

Session Summary

Accessibility conformance testing and reporting may keep you out of legal hot water but ensuring that people with disabilities can actually use your application requires more than technical conformance with WCAG Success Criteria.


In this class we will explore common accessibility fails in “accessible” widgets that are experienced by people with disabilities in the real world. Novel design patterns, roles that don’t match behavior, and unnecessary complexity can be a nightmare for people who use your applications with assistive technologies. We will also discuss ways in which accessibility policy can be used to influence better accessibility support throughout an agency.

Practical Skills

  • Why conformance and accessible mean two different things and how we can use policy to narrow the gap.
  • Identifying common barriers in "accessible" widgets and guiding developers to resolution.
  • Why you want to have native assistive technololgy users on your team.