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SwiftUI Accessibility Techniques for Native iOS Apps

taught by: Paul Adam

Session Summary

This session will teach developers and designers how to build accessible iPhone and iPad apps for users with disabilities. We will use the CVS Health iOS SwiftUI Accessibility Techniques open-source project on GitHub and the iOS AppStore app SwiftUI Accessibility Techs. to demonstrate how to apply WCAG to native iOS and build apps accessible to iOS Assistive Technology users.


SwiftUI is the newest way to code iOS native apps and SwiftUI has little accessibility guidance available for developers and designers. Paul built the CVS Health iOS SwiftUI Accessibility Techniques open source project and app to teach developers and designers how to apply the W3C WCAG standards to native apps.

The CVS Health open source project on GitHub,, and the iOS SwiftUI Accessibility Techs. App,, will be used to demonstrate how to build apps with accessibility support and their behavior when viewed with assistive technologies like VoiceOver, Voice Control, Full Keyboard Access, etc.

The GitHub repository and Xcode project include good and bad .swift technique pages and .md markdown documentation for developers explaining how to code accessible patterns for iOS.

Practical Skills

  • iOS SwiftUI developers will learn how to apply the WCAG accessibility requirements to their native apps.
  • Designers will learn how to create accessible views with native iOS components that conform to WCAG and are usable by people with disabilities.
  • Accessibility & QA testers will learn expected behavior with the VoiceOver screen reader and other iOS assistive technologies by interacting with the live good and bad examples in the SwiftUI Accessibility Techs. app.