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Straight Talk: What Disabled Users Want You to Know When Designing your Product

taught by: Amy Mason
co-presented by: Bruno Torquato

Session Summary

We want to ensure that our products are accessible for all users. What does that really mean from the user’s perspective, and can we use good user research practices to get there?


User Experience Research makes a profound difference when creating products for all. People with disabilities are important to include in these sessions to ensure that our products work well for everyone, but researchers may have questions about how to include them. We will discuss how to find and interact with disabled user research participants. Next we will cover planning and facilitating our sessions to ensure we get the information we need, and our users feel like valued members of our team.

Practical Skills

  • Participants will learn strategies for ensuring their user research is inclusive, and that the process of doing the research itself is as accessible as possible.
  • Participants will learn how to interact with disabled individuals in a way that fosters a feeling of respect and open collaboration with research subjects.
  • Participants will be able to locate and recruit disabled user research participants.