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Spotting Accessibility Anti-Patterns

taught by: Kate Walser

Session Summary

In the past 10 years, some common anti-patterns have emerged. Learn how these anti-patterns are breaking accessibility and usability, and how to spot and overcome them.


With user interface pattern and code libraries becoming more widespread, common user interface components and patterns are on the rise. For good or bad, carousels, accordions, infinite scroll, and other patterns are being used everywhere it seems, from university websites to government agencies, shopping, and transactional sites.

In the short term, these patterns seem to solve some tricky design aspects and satisfy some quasi goals, like fewer clicks. But the longer-term impacts can be felt across user audience, affecting usability and accessibility.

During this session you’ll hear how certain anti-patterns are affecting the user experience, how to handle (or dodge) them with attention to usability and accessibility, and how to spot new anti-patterns that may emerge.

Practical Skills

  • Learn about recurring anti-patterns impacting users.
  • Spot the usability and accessibility issues they introduce.
  • Discover strategies for overcoming and replacing with better patterns.