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Scaling Accessibility Across your Org, the Easy-Ish Way

taught by: James Green

Session Summary

Big or small, your organization needs to make digital experiences accessible and keep them that way. Learn the key components to include and pitfalls to avoid when building out this organizational capability.


A sequel to James Green's popular "Add Accessibility to your Process, the Easy-Ish Way" presentation given in the past at AccessU and elsewhere, "Scaling Accessibility Across your Org, the Easy-Ish Way" will cover and expand on the best practices, learnings, and critical components of a successful accessibility capability for any organization.

Among the things you'll learn are why accessibility matters to your org and how to sell it to stakeholders, why "number of defects" is one of the worst metrics to focus on, how to frame accessibility so your organizational culture can embrace it, how to evaluate your current accessibility situation and plan to improve, how to hire talent and structure your team to scale, what your colleagues need to be equipped and empowered to build accessible experiences, how to grow your influence, and much more!

Practical Skills

  • How to build a foundation of knowledge, tools, and expertise to empower teams to build accessible experiences.
  • How to evaluate your situation and come up with a plan that will work for your stakeholders and elevate your accessibility capability.
  • How to make accessibility part of your organization's baseline and everyone's responsibility and not an add-on handled by a few.