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Labels and Aria - What’s in a Name?

taught by: Leslie Schulz

Session Summary

What is an accessible name? Learn how to use html labels and discover aria solutions for form elements, links, and regions.


Assistive technology users rely on accessible names. Native html <label> elements, if coded correctly, can provide names for form elements. Aria labelling goes much further. In addition to identifying form elements, aria can provide valuable information for links and regions. When should you use the following?

  • Aria-label
  • Aria-labelledby
  • Aria-describedby

When do links need aria-labels?

How does aria help screen reader users who navigate by regions?

What is the difference between an aria-label and screen reader only css text?

These are the questions that we will be answering.

Practical Skills

  • Ability to distinguish between
  • Ability to use aria to add additional information to links and provide accessible names for regions.
  • Ability to correctly identify when an aria label is the best choice to provide instructions to the screen reader user and when screen reader only css should be used.