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Person Centered Accessibility Testing

taught by: Michael Moore
co-presented by: Kimberly Cannon

Session Summary

Automated tools only identify 20-30% of potential accessibility issues. Learn to use manual inspection methods and assistive software to find the remaining 70-80% and provide your design and development teams with the information they need to ensure access for everyone.


Many of the most impactful barriers to accessibility cannot be evaluated with automated accessibilty testing tools. The automated tools may or may not call attention to these areas for manual inspection and many testers assume and anything not flagged as a failure is a pass. This class will provide you with a set of procedures and guidelines for performing manual tests with and without assistive technology to get to the heart of these critical issues. You wil also learn how to write up accessibility defects so that you development team understands the steps to replicate and find an effective resolution.

Practical Skills

  • Procedures for using your browser, a standard keyboard, and the WCAG success criteria to produce repeatable, actionable, and accurate compliance conformance results.
  • How to use the NVDA screen reader as an accessibility testing tool. How to set up NVDA for testing and how to evaluate the content and the interactive controls using the the screen reader.
  • How to report your findings to design and development teams in a manner that helps them understand the best strategies for resolving problems and making their sites and application something that everyone can use.