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  1. What we learned through crowdfunding

    Thank you! First. I want to say "Thank you." Heartfelt thanks to the 83 funders who stepped up to support a great notion. You believe as we do that the world sorely needs a credible and fully accessible teaching and learning platform to share knowledge and experience about digital accessibility....

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  2. Help us improve accessibility skills worldwide

    by Hazel Sanchez

    The success of this crowdfunding campaign through Indie-Go-Go depends on you. The donations obtained from this campaign will provide seed funding for an ambitious online training initiative. Knowbility proposes to build an online community of accessibility teaching and learning - so that ultimately, online information can be fully accessible to...

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  3. Accessibility in the Classroom

    by Harley Fetterman

    Progress on Learning Apps Still Needed – Observations from an 11th Grader I am a blind student about to go into eleventh grade. For the past few years, a number of my teachers have started to use partially inaccessible websites.  While being inaccessible to my screen-reader, these websites make the life...

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  4. Open letter on future of web accessibility from Rich Schwerdtfeger

    by Rich Schwerdtfeger

    Dear colleagues in digital accessibility, We are at a critical juncture in the in the accessibility field today. More pressure than at any previous time has been placed on businesses world-wide to deliver accessible Information and communications technology (ICT). The great recession has forced people with disabilities to take action...

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  5. Want a more accessible web? Help build online training!

    I am writing this today to ask everyone who cares about web accessibility to consider making a contribution of any size to our campaign to create Online Training to Make Sites and Apps Accessible and then to help spread the word.  Here's why:  Each year at John Slatin AccessU, Knowbility...

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