John Slatin AccessU 2020 will be held at the beautiful campus of St. Edward’s University from May 12-14, 2020, with a pre-conference day on May 11. As in previous years we will have an exciting offering of featured keynote talks and expert instruction in several tracks. Read on to learn about them and four trainers who will teach at the conference.

Heavyweights in the Field

This year, three keynote speakers representing disability rights advocacy and web accessibility will share their insights on their careers in the field and the way forward amid a changing digital world.

  • Joe Devon is a los Angeles-based web developer and entrepreneur who, along with Knowbility board member Jennison Asuncion, co-founded Global Accessibility Awareness Day.
  • Chancey Fleet is a Brooklyn-based blind disability rights advocate and technology trainer currently with the New York Public Library system.
  • Anne Forrest is a longtime friend of Knowbility an expert on accessibility for cognitive disabilities.

We can’t wait to hear their keynotes!

If you’re a frequent attendee to AccessU, you know of the quality and thorough manner that our trainers bring to their sessions. This year is no different. Do you wonder how using a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template or clearly defining roles can help your workflow? Then, Denis Boudreau and Mary Jo Mueller have answers. An Zheng will show you how to foster an accessibility culture. And, if you need an update on HTML, Knowbility’s own Becky Gibson got you covered. Read on to learn more about these four upcoming sessions for AccessU 2020.

Fostering A Culture Of Accessibility: Resources And Processes For Implementing A Sustainable Accessibility Program

An Zheng
Senior Technical Program Manager

Since 2014, Expedia’s Accessibility Team has worked to be an industry leader in delivering an equal experience to our customers and fostering a corporate culture where disability is seen as a valuable form of diversity. During this ninety minute presentation, we will share how Expedia has delivered a delightful customer experience for all users by fostering a corporate culture of accessibility and integrating accessibility best practices throughout the product development lifecycle.

HTML Accessibility

Becky Gibson
Senior Accessibility Strategist

This session will explore the basic HTML techniques for accessible web content and show you how to avoid accessibility failures. We will review semantic HTML and discuss why it is important for accessibility. See how using the proper elements adds landmarks to your page that help assistive technology users navigate. Understand why proper labels are important and how to implement them for the various field types. Have you heard about alt text? Come see why it matters and learn how to implement it properly.

Attend John Slatin AccessU this May

Awareness, education, and consulting services form the three pillars of Knowbility’s mission. We’re thrilled that the keynote speakers and instructors for AccessU 2020 will bring both diversity and expertise to our premier training conference. Joe Devon, Chancey Fleet, and Anne Forrest are world-class experts, and our multi-track course offerings will give you the knowledge and skills needed to excel in digital accessibility. Whether you want to know how to build a culture of accessibility within your organization, need to refresh your HTML, or are anxious to learn the latest trends in mobile accessibility, AccessU this May in Austin is the conference for you.