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  1. Empathetic Leadership Opens Doors

    by Marine Menier

    Board Chairman Rich Schwerdtfeger will lead Knowbility’s first Accessibility Leadership Symposium in May of 2017. The Symposium aims to address the rapidly changing landscape of digital communications by providing global leaders and executives in accessibility with an …

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  2. Inclusion and accessibility at the Code for America Summit

    by Robert Jolly

    Last week I was fortunate to attend the Code for America Summit in Oakland where civic-minded technologists, government innovators, and entrepreneurs in the civic space gathered. Representing Knowbility, my aim was to connect with others to learn and share ideas around …

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  3. Accessibility Club #4 and BeyondTellerrand in Berlin

    by Eric Eggert

    I had the pleasure of traveling to Berlin recently for two events:  The one-day Accessibility Club on November 7 and and one of the two days of the BeyondTellerrand conference on November 8. Accessibility Club Karl Groves started his European Tour by kicking off …

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  4. Your favorite device feature probably started as an accommodation for disability

    by Sharron

    October – the National Disability Employment Awareness month in the US – in now in the rear view mirror.  We meant to take at least a minute before we get immersed in year end holidays to salute the work of scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs who have …

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  5. Knowbility at the Accessing Higher Ground Conference

    by Eric Eggert

    Knowbility is looking forward to participating in Accessing Higher Ground, the "Accessible Media, Web and Technology Conference” in Westminster, Colorado, November 14th–18th.  Web Accessibility Specialist Eric Eggert will conduct two pre-conference workshops as …

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