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  1. Accessibility saves lives. This #GivingTuesdayNow, please help!

    by Jillian Fortin

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, people with disabilities need to be able to use the Internet as hundreds of millions of other people do – to get current health and safety information as well as to be able to connect to our jobs, schools, and to social and civic activities. In this …

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  2. The Internet to the Rescue

    by Dave Chapple

    Normally I am usually a pretty active person and am not used to staying home and doing nothing and not being around people. My normal life consists of going to meetings and conferences for work, taking trips to the grocery store, and having dinner with my wife at our favorite …

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  3. Accessibility must be part of your COVID-19 response

    by Sharron Rush

    Hundreds of millions of people have transitioned to conducting their lives through remote digital systems. The need for accessibility has never been greater and our responsibility to provide equal access has never been more clear. We work, learn, and teach on the Internet. We …

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  4. Accessible Tools for Online Collaboration and Learning

    by Anthony Vasquez

    The COVID-19 outbreak has led to the sudden move to online classes and remote work for millions around the world. Whether you’re learning how to use a new video conferencing app or are trying to get your head around an online education platform, we’ve gathered information on the …

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  5. Let’s Focus on Slide-Out Navigation

    by Alicia Evans

    Slide-out navigation is everywhere. Sometimes called drawers or slide-out menus, they allow for more content to be available without taking up extra space on the screen. For example, some hamburger “menus” slide in from the side of the screen and contain navigation links. To …

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