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  1. Let’s Focus on Slide-Out Navigation

    Slide-out navigation is everywhere. Sometimes called drawers or slide-out menus, they allow for more content to be available without taking up extra space on the screen. For example, some hamburger “menus” slide in from the side of the screen and contain navigation links. To ensure that keyboard users have full...

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  2. Note from Knowbility: COVID-19 Update & Response

    We hope that your families and employees are healthy and safe. Here are answers to the most common questions we’ve been asked about our operations recently. 👨‍💻 Office & Staff Yes, we’re open and conducting business as usual. Our audit and consulting teams work remotely from locations in North America...

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  3. Create Your Own AHA Moment

    Our Accessibility Roadshow post by Anthony Vasquez discussed raising awareness about accessibility. At the roadshow, Anthony demonstrated how he uses the web via a screen reader. When people see the impact of an inaccessible website, they “get it”. They understand why accessibility is critical. That’s an “aha” moment. You don’t...

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  4. Working with Vimeo on their video player's accessibility

    by Nicolas Steenhout

    Knowbility had the pleasure of helping Vimeo on their accessibility journey last year. We audited their video player and provided Vimeo with a detailed report and technical support. Vimeo folks have now more knowledge about accessibility and Vimeo’s video player is now WCAG AA conformant. Last October, I met with...

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  5. What is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)?

    by Dave Chapple

    Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) encompasses every way we express our thoughts and feelings without using our voices. Technically speaking, we all use a form of AAC every day with our nonverbal communication when we use facial expressions or gestures instead of spoken words. This type of AAC is referred...

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