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What Can We Teach About Accessibility that AI Can't?

taught by: Regine Gilbert
co-presented by: Janvi Patel

Session Summary

Join us for an insightful workshop that delves into the intricacies of accessibility beyond the capabilities of AI. Together, we'll explore the importance of human understanding, empathy, and ethical considerations in creating inclusive designs that empower all users.


We will focus on developing a storyline and following a template of what is needed to make a Spatial Computing (AR/VR) experience accessible.

Things to be Touched on:

  • A comparison of AI vs. Human Approach to develop a storyline.
  • Modeling Characters of your Story in Teams.
  • Brainstorming ideas of how everyone can use the Experiences.

Come with us on a journey to make Spatial Computing accessible for all and understand the intricacies of the Development Process.

Practical Skills

  • We will learn how we can do things beyond AI.
  • Understand the thought process of making an experience accessible for Spatial Computing.
  • Learning the Elements of Storytelling needed for Spatial Computing.