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Surveying the Disability Community: Where It Goes Wrong and How to do Better

taught by: Samuel Proulx

Session Summary

Fable has surveyed its community of assistive technology users since 2020: led and facilitated by someone with a disability, Fable has consistently been the first or only organization collecting and publishing qualitative data from the disability community on timely subjects. Accessibility Evangelist Samuel Proulx will share the unique data gathering and storytelling skills he has developed as a researcher, writer, and person with a disability.


Fable’s Accessibility Evangelist Samuel Proulx has written the Fable Insights articles published on the Fable website since 2020. This series thoughtfully collects and presents quantitative data to showcase the opinions and needs of the disability community. With every article published, Fable Insights has grown and matured: we’ve developed some best practices when it comes to asking questions and maintain important considerations when presenting the data in a public forum. In this session, Samuel will go over some of the learnings from early mistakes made and take you through how they can be avoided in your research, and share the how and why behind best practices Fable has developed. He might even show off some data that was never before published!

Practical Skills

  • The most effective ways for collecting survey data from the disability community: how, and why, it can differ from the general population.
  • Common pitfalls when asking questions and how they can be avoided.
  • The critical considerations when presenting research data collected from people with disabilities.